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We Are The Champions! October 27, 5:26 am

Posted by Faith in Lakers.

No time for losers, coz we are the champions. Of the world! Hum.

I’ve been saving up this song for the better part of two years now. And it’s finally here.

We are indeed 2009 NBA World Champions. And deservedly so. A season full of ups and downs, endless worry, and oh so sweet glory. It was a heck of a year. But today starts yet another glorious year in Lakerland. The 2009-2010 inauguration. Complete with ring ceremony. Oh how sweet it is.

This year’s team doesn’t have as much to prove as last year’s team but that doesn’t mean they are willing to rest on their laurels. Acquiring Ron Artest, to some was a step in the right direction. The “not resting on our laurels” direction. The off-season work outs of all of our players bespoke of yet another dedication. This team continues to be hungry and they are not accepting anything less than a dynasty.

Let the journey begin.

Some pesky details to add, Pau is on the active roster even though he’s been out of most of the pre-season. Kobe skipped practice with a sore left foot but he’s expected to play the opener.


1. Faith - October 27, 5:32 am

Meanwhile Clippers cursedness continues. Blake Griffin is out.

2. Faith - October 27, 5:33 am

If you have the time, check out about us…and see your Futurama counterpart lol.

3. bob - October 27, 11:01 am

Laker day today….going to watch game 4 and 5. I can’t wait for tonight.

4. two0one7 - October 27, 1:01 pm

Our ring.

5. bob - October 27, 2:27 pm

sweet ring…i want one lol

6. bob - October 27, 3:21 pm

OMG are you guys ready for tonight…can’t wait

7. Edwin Gueco - October 27, 3:41 pm

Hello Faith, Bob & Two0one:

Missed you all on the Lakers Blog. Yes, this is the day we have been dreaming of for the last 6 years – We Are The Champions and we’ll repeat. Good luck to all of you. Edwin Gueco

8. bob - October 27, 4:13 pm

Good first game on TNT

9. bob - October 27, 4:26 pm

Where is everyone? I miss you guys…come blog during this first game it will be fun.

10. Fatty - October 27, 4:27 pm

Its good to be Champs!

11. bob - October 27, 4:28 pm

hey Fatty!

12. Fatty - October 27, 4:28 pm

Its good to be back!

13. Fatty - October 27, 4:28 pm

Its good to see bob again!

14. Fatty - October 27, 4:29 pm

Its good to be….’we be the team to beat!’
– bob

15. bob - October 27, 4:29 pm

it does feel good to be champs and our rings look awesome

16. Fatty - October 27, 4:31 pm

I want a ring! Where can we buy one?
Must have ring….the precious…..mine…..

17. bob - October 27, 4:32 pm

we are the team to beat because we have the ring baby…Please let the team bring it…I think our bench is the key to the season…Sasha and Farmar must bring it. They must become lovers on the ball court making beautiful b-ball magic.

18. Fatty - October 27, 4:32 pm


I call Bender….me loves Bender.

19. bob - October 27, 4:33 pm

lol I think we all want one…I want one with kobe’s face or phil…maybe even fish

20. Fatty - October 27, 4:35 pm

Speaking of love…

Did you see the game at the Honda center on TV? A filipino girl had a sign that said

Sasha..I want to marry you!!!

Wifey thought it was Faith, but it wasn’t

21. bob - October 27, 4:35 pm

I hate both these teams.

22. Fatty - October 27, 4:36 pm

I want me a ring with my wife’s face on one side and my daughters on the other

23. bob - October 27, 4:37 pm

boston sucks

24. Fatty - October 27, 4:37 pm

that west dude is kinda messed up in the head

25. bob - October 27, 4:38 pm

what did he do?

26. Fatty - October 27, 4:41 pm

he has serious depression issues. missed a lot of practices, wife violence

27. Fatty - October 27, 4:42 pm

This is as close as bob will get to owning her own ring


28. bob - October 27, 4:42 pm

how sad…there are pills for that and maybe an app too.

29. bob - October 27, 4:44 pm

how come boston was standing? I thought you not allowed to stand anymore?

30. two0one7 - October 27, 4:49 pm

Hi all!

I bet if they make replicas of those rings, they’d sell a bunch.

31. bob - October 27, 4:51 pm

sure would

32. Fatty - October 27, 4:53 pm

I want me a ring and I want it now

33. Fatty - October 27, 4:56 pm

pierce looks a step slow – age??

34. two0one7 - October 27, 4:57 pm

Rondo is guarding Lebron? Why doesn’t lebron post his little arse up? Kobe would destroy him on the block.

35. Fatty - October 27, 4:58 pm

weather flagstaff


36. Faith - October 27, 5:04 pm

Just approved a comment by Edwin G:
“Hello Faith, Bob & Two0one:

Missed you all on the Lakers Blog. Yes, this is the day we have been dreaming of for the last 6 years – We Are The Champions and we’ll repeat. Good luck to all of you. Edwin Gueco”

welcome to the blog Edwin. Come on by more often! Lol.

37. bob - October 27, 5:19 pm

hey Edwin

38. Faith - October 27, 5:22 pm

“how sad…there are pills for that and maybe an app too.”

LMAO bob.

Isn’t that called a man-ring? Do they come in more feminine versions?

39. bob - October 27, 5:30 pm

we will have to see Jennies to make sure.

40. Fatty - October 27, 5:32 pm

celtics are a bunch of weenies

41. bob - October 27, 5:32 pm

so are the cavs

42. Faith - October 27, 5:47 pm

What times does the actual ceremony start? Like at 730 game time? Or do they have like an hour before to do that.

It’s been awhile ha.

43. bob - October 27, 5:52 pm

not sure but we know how tnt is…..they better start on time

44. Faith - October 27, 5:55 pm

there should be an app to tell tnt to start on time lol.

45. Fatty - October 27, 5:57 pm

I’m not missing the ring ceremony, they better show it

46. Faith - October 27, 5:58 pm

“we are going to win the world championship, we don’t have to say it again”

sounds like they’re trying to delude themselves.

47. bob - October 27, 6:02 pm

who said that faith?

48. Faith - October 27, 6:07 pm

Celtics coach in the locker room.

49. two0one7 - October 27, 6:07 pm

I don’t care who wins, I just hope its a blowout so the game doesn’t drag on. I want to watch our ring ceremony!

50. Faith - October 27, 6:12 pm

Last year cleveland’s record against winning teams was dismal. But I still want them to kill the Celts. I hate the Celts.

51. two0one7 - October 27, 6:16 pm

Can they both lose?

52. Faith - October 27, 6:17 pm

So I have this friend that lives in cleveland.

He said people in Cleveland are upset that Cleveland from Family Guy was black.

I was like what?!

53. Faith - October 27, 6:18 pm

Only in a fair world 007 lol.

54. bob - October 27, 6:20 pm

lol I didn’t even make that connection…it’s not like they named him Detroit

55. bob - October 27, 6:21 pm

I want to see Boston in the finals…we need to beat them in the finals

56. Fatty - October 27, 6:24 pm

clips will be tough tonite, they are gunning for the lakers
want to ruin our party

57. Faith - October 27, 6:27 pm

Not without Blake Griffin Fatty. That psychological stuff is wicked.

I think lol.

58. Faith - October 27, 6:48 pm

Enough with this filth. Go to the laker game! ALREADY!

59. Faith - October 27, 6:58 pm

Other people’s games are boring.

60. bob - October 27, 7:00 pm

they sure are

61. bob - October 27, 7:11 pm

just finish the fucking game already

62. Faith - October 27, 7:14 pm


63. two0one7 - October 27, 7:15 pm

Is this the game thread?

64. Faith - October 27, 7:19 pm


65. Faith - October 27, 7:22 pm
66. Edwin Gueco - June 19, 2:25 pm

Congratulations Faith for a job well done.


Any suggestion for the parade meeting, I will just take the train. email me because I lost yours.

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